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Control Panels

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Product Description

Control Panel is very important & crucial for any electric heater performance and satisfactory & safe operation of the connected equipment. We offer both Thyristor as well contactor panels based on the application requirement. These control panels can be supplied both safe & hazardous area applications.

Typically there are two types of control panels for most of the applications electrical heaters are used, though for some applications more complex control system may be required.


This type of control relies upon mechanical contactors and switches the load on or off from a demand signal received from the sensors mounted on the heater. It should be noted that this type of control system is best suited to static applications such as heaters for tanks/vessels as the degree of accuracy which can be applied is limited by the reaction time of the contactor and the number of stages available. Slightly more sophisticated systems incorporate multiple stages to allow a degree of flexibility.


This type of control is the most common system used in flowing systems as the infinitely variable thyristor (SSR) switching device can very quickly adjust the heater power to match exactly the demand signal sensing the process fluid or gas temperature.


  • Enclosure typically IP44 mild steel for indoor mounting
  • Main isolator
  • On/off switch
  • Warning lamps
  • Low voltage control circuit
  • Over temp controller (s)
  • Process temperature controller
  • Circuit protection fuses or MCCB
  • Power switching device (s) either contactor or thyristor
  • Trip device